…an intricately woven, infinitely gentle cocoon of plucked notes that lead me on a journey that is at the same time a going forth and a returning home… This CD represents a human treasury of lullaby: a compilation of the wealth of beauty that has emerged from centuries of infant nurturing around the world… a delicate vessel designed to transport not just children, but adults as well, into a timeless inner world of beauty and safety, a sanctuary.

– Dr Robyn Brady
Lullaby Historian and Paediatrician, Mater Children's Hospital, Brisbane

…a kaleidoscope of melodic scapes that resonate with our deepest core. The listener is irresistibly transported to some wordless, primordial space… Karin Schaupp has located that place where the exquisite sensitivity of a baby's ears intersects with the adult hunger for musical entrancement…

– Robin Grille
Psychologist, Interactive psychotherapist, parent educator and author of two internationally acclaimed books: Parenting for a Peaceful World and Heart to Heart Parenting www.our-emotional-health.com

I am delighted to recommend this beautiful CD to new parents. Not only does is provide a unique selection of lullabies for their own enjoyment, it promotes a soothing background for baby during feeding and sleeping times. When irritable, Infants enjoy familiar and peaceful sounds. As they adjust to their new environment it is reassuring for them to listen to perfectly crafted music such as this.

– Associate Professor Jennifer Fraser, RN, RM, PhD,
Maternal and Child Health Nursing
Sydney Nursing School, The University of Sydney

Karin Schaupp's Cradle Songs are a beautiful offering to the world of pregnancy, birth and new parenting. While lullabies are as old as time, scientific research now proves the importance of happiness, peace, calm and harmony to the emotional development of the unborn and newborn child. Heartrate and breathing settle in synchrony with the right kind of sounds. These are perfect sounds

– Jane Campbell-Kaye,
Active Birth Educator, www.activebirthyoga.org

Sweet and sublime, Karin's gentle music will soothe mothers and babies everywhere.

– Dr Sarah J Buckley,
author, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

This beautiful music appeared to comfort the babies as well as their family. The staff found it created an ambience that was a reminder to people entering the nursery that the time was for the babies. We would recommend the CD for all infants as a way of providing an ambience that is congruent with the developing needs of infants.

– Kaye Spence AM MN FCN,
Associate Professor / Clinical Nurse Consultant – Neonatology,
Grace Centre for Newborn Care. The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Sydney.

Parents in today's fast paced world sometimes lose touch with the simplicity and effectiveness of using lullabies to bond with and soothe their babies to sleep… Karin Schaupp's Cradle Songs is a fabulous resource that has enriched my own child's early musical experiences and has assisted many of the families I work with to bond with and soothe their children.

– Vicky Abad
MEd (Research student); RMT, PostGradDipMT, BA(Mus).
Director, Boppin' Babies www.boppinbabies.com.au