Message from Karin

Karin and daughter Alexa

This project has been in my heart for a long time and finally the arrival of my own little angel Alexa, has inspired me to bring it into reality.

I spent many wonderful evenings playing through tunes from all corners of the globe to arrive at this selection. I discovered in my musical travels a wealth of beautiful tunes, some well known, many unfamiliar but equally beautiful… the hardest part was choosing which ones to record!

The art of the lullaby, the archetypal image of a mother rocking her child to sleep whilst singing gently, is a universal one- it is as innate to the human condition as the act of sleep itself. It is an artform, or indeed a state of being which I hope we will never forget.

I have chosen mostly traditional lullabies from around the world, which have been sung to children for many decades, and some, for many centuries. Most were not written by "composers", but created by ordinary people singing to their own children and grandchildren. I found in these melodies a unifying inner grace and calm, a deep sense of peace which crosses all cultural boundaries. I am grateful to the wonderful composers who made such beautiful guitar settings of these melodies for this album.

I sincerely hope that these timeless melodies may be your companions in the tenderest of moments with your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.